What We Do

Some parents identify a potential caregiver through a friend or Internet site but they do not have the time or expertise to take the steps necessary to ensure the caregiver is a ‘true’ match for their family. Any caregiver, even someone referred by a friend, should be carefully screened. Our process and assistance through any part of the process will reduce the anxiety involved in hiring a caregiver and turn that stranger into a confident childcare choice who will meet all your expectations.

If you have identified a potential caregiver independently, Nanny Match Me can act as an impartial coach and assist in job definition, applicant interview, screening and any part of the hiring process to ensure a mutually agreeable and successful long-term arrangement. Our consulting is conducted via phone discussion and email and for most projects requires from 2 to 4 hours.

You provided a wealth of knowledge to help me understand what to look for and what to expect from a nanny. Your handholding and understanding of our needs ensured a successful match.
-J. Lambert

In Search of Nanny can also provide advice and referral to the only full-service agency in the Boston area that we recommend.

Our success rate is the highest in the industry. If you want us to assist you through the entire search or part of the search process because you have identified a caregiver yourself, you will benefit from our expertise. Let us help you find the most appropriate caregiver for your children.

Consulting Services

Nanny Match Me can assist you to hire a caregiver and/or house manager independently and help turn that stranger into a confident childcare choice who will meet your expectations.

  • Do you have time to devote to a thorough childcare search?
  • Have you met someone who claims she has been placed by an agency and you want confirmation of that?
  • Did you know it is legal to ask ANYTHING about a caregiver and background? You might feel uncomfortable asking about family background, relationships, credit history etc. – let us ask for you!
  • Any caregiver should be thoroughly screened, even if she is personal referral – criminal and driving check, credit check, drug testing, employment verification or references should all be considered.
  • A detailed job description, before you start searching, will ensure you find the right person for YOUR position.
  • Is your applicant asking too much? Let us help you negotiate a better comp package agreeable to both of you.

Consulting Services are priced at $200/hr with a one-hour minimum. Please Contact us if you have questions.

Services For Nannies

We can assist you if you have identified a position independently. Occasionally when a caregiver registers with the Agency and then finds a position through her own resources, the caregiver wants the benefit of our expertise and experience.

In Search of Nanny is a service oriented, professional, helpful and imaginative team of individuals who made my job searches more successful than I ever hoped they could be. You helped me market myself, get the right price for my services, and find the right position and you did it twice!”
-W. Brandt

We can also consult with your potential employer to develop a written job description and/or to negotiate a mutually agreeable offer of employment to include all financial considerations and benefits. The cost of the one or two hours of consulting normally required is always paid by the employing family and is never a hindrance for parents employing a professional nanny.