Nanny Agency FAQ

With all the nanny agencies out there, why use Nanny Match Me?

Nanny Match Me is an exclusive nanny referral agency. We place nannies throughout the United States. No fee is ever charged to our nannies.

What can you expect when Nanny Match Me places you?

Our Nanny Match Me screening method:
Through our years of experience and thousands of nanny placements, Nanny Match Me has developed an unparalleled screening method that helps make the nanny/family selection process successful. We are a very selective referral agency, so when you have been accepted by Nanny Match Me, you will be proud to know you have fulfilled all the requirements necessary to become a Nanny Match Me nanny. When a nanny is accepted by a family, Nannies Plus has screened that family to insure you a safe and caring home environment.

Nanny Match Me nannies get top salaries:
Our families are some of the finest in the nation. They are affluent, respected community members, and in most cases both are working parents. Your salary will depend on your age, childcare experience, education, and circumstances of your employment.

We classify three types of nannies: “Nanny”, “Nannies Elite”, and “Nannies Platinum”.

  • The “Nanny” nanny receives salaries ranging from $300-$700 per week.
  • The “Nannies Elite” nanny receives salaries ranging from $450-$800+ per week.
  • The “Nannies Platinum” nanny receives salaries ranging from $600-$1000+ per week.

Salary depends on the nanny’s age, experience, education, and job responsibilities. Our nannies commit to your family for a minimum of one year, although many nanny/family relationships last much longer.

What are the qualifications Nanny Match Me is looking for in their nannies?

  • You must have a high school diploma. Nanny Match Me prefers college students or college graduates. We specialize in placing teachers and professional nannies.
  • You must be willing to relocate for a minimum of one year.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen. We only place U.S. Citizens and only in the United States.
  • You must possess a valid driver’s license. Clean driving records are preferred.
  • You must be a non-smoker and in good health.
  • You must have three (3) childcare references that can be verified. These can include previous nanny experience, daycare experience, teaching experience, and home childcare experiences, etc.

Why don’t you fill out our Application right now?

What can you expect from your employer when you are placed through Nanny Match Me?

  • Accommodations: Live-in nannies’ salaries include room and board. A separate bedroom is provided for the nanny’s privacy. Most families also provide a private bathroom.
  • Weekly Salary: Expect a top salary based on your age, education, experience, job requirements, etc.  Salary range: $300-$1000+.
  • Working Hours: Nannies generally work 10-12 hours per day, with some variation depending on the family’s needs.
  • Days Off: Nannies work 5 days per week, unless other arrangements are made. Nannies should be given all Federal Holidays off with pay.
  • Vacations: Nannies should have one to two weeks paid vacation, at the employer/employee’s convenience.
  • Medical Insurance: Many families contribute toward medical insurance.
  • Car Use: A car is available for the nanny’s use.
  • Travel: Many families travel a great deal, some have second (or more) homes. Nannies can expect to accompany these families on many occasions.

When you register with Nanny Match Me, you’re registered with a concerned and professional nanny service:

When you are part of the Nanny Match Me program, you can count on us for support to help solve any problems that might arise. Once you are placed with a family, contact with us does not stop. Our courteous staff is a phone call away.

Our Nanny Work Agreement:
Our Nanny Work Agreement is a time-tested tool that clarifies your job responsibilities. When Nanny Match Me receives this completed agreement from the family you choose to work for, we review it with you and forward a copy for your records. We have found this Nanny Work Agreement solidifies the success of your placement.

Our Nanny Match Me network:
Nanny Match Me offers you a support system second to none. Nanny Match Me provides you with a list of over two hundred of our nannies, including their names, ages, phone numbers, and addresses. This list is updated bi-monthly so that you can establish a network of friends.

Our Nanny Match Me staff:
Nanny Match Me has an office staff there to assist you. Our office is open 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday thru Friday, Eastern Time.

Being a nanny is more than just a job:
Being a nanny is more than a job providing financial rewards. You are responsible for the care and development of the children of busy professional parents. You play an important role in their everyday lives. This experience is valuable for both you and the children you care for.